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Women's High Waist Abdominal Control Seamless Butt Lift Shapewear

Women's High Waist Abdominal Control Seamless Butt Lift Shapewear

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These seamless butt-lifting pants are designed with a high waist, which is very friendly to people with lumbar muscle strain while achieving the effect of tightening the abdomen and lifting the hips. Suitable for fitness, running, daily life and work.


1. The shaper shorts have a high waist design, which can outline your waist and compress your abs, and the uniquely designed hips help tighten and lift your buttocks. The mid-section is specially shaped to target the double belly, while the high-waist design reduces the waistline to create a more slender female silhouette.

2. The non-slip silicone under the lace hem can fit your thighs, avoiding the trouble and embarrassment caused by rolling or curling.

Size Chart in CM
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 86~92 68~74 90~96
M 92~98 74~80 96~102
L 98~104 80~86 102~108
XL 104~110 86~92 108~114
XXL 110~116 92~98 114~120
3XL 116~122 98~104 120~126
Size Chart in Inches
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 33.5~35.9 25.7~28.1 35.1~37.4
M 35.9~38.2 28.1~30.4 37.4~39.8
L 38.2~40.6 30.4~32.8 39.8~42.1
XL 40.6~42.9 32.8~35.1 42.1~44.5
XXL 42.9~45.2 35.1~37.4 44.5~46.8
3XL 45.2~47.6 37.4~39.8 46.8~49.1

Tips: Size Table is suitable body size, not the Tile measurement of the Item

Sizes: XS, S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL.

Fabric: 52% Polyamide(Nylon)  48% Elastane(Spandex). 

Lining: 75% Polyamide(Nylon)  25% Elastane(Spandex).

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