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Hook And Eye Closed Spaghetti Strap Lace Women Shapewear

Hook And Eye Closed Spaghetti Strap Lace Women Shapewear

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Size Chart in CM
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 86~92 68~74 90~96
M 92~98 74~80 96~102
L 98~104 80~86 102~108
XL 104~110 86~92 108~114
XXL 110~116 92~98 114~120
3XL 116~122 98~104 120~126
Size Chart in Inches
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 33.5~35.9 25.7~28.1 35.1~37.4
M 35.9~38.2 28.1~30.4 37.4~39.8
L 38.2~40.6 30.4~32.8 39.8~42.1
XL 40.6~42.9 32.8~35.1 42.1~44.5
XXL 42.9~45.2 35.1~37.4 44.5~46.8
3XL 45.2~47.6 37.4~39.8 46.8~49.1

· Our Classic Center faja is designed for those who have recently underwent liposuction of the stomach, a tummy tuck or recently gave birth. A faja is a difference maker for getting the best results possible. Each of our fajas were designed for duality in mind so that any and all can experience its comfort. A classic design featuring 3 rows of hook and eye closers for high compression of the abdomen. 

· Made to assist the stomach area during Post surgery. Fabricated to help restore the look of a flat and contoured midsection. 

· 180 degree zipper in the crotch area opens perfectly wide to facilitate visits to the bathroom. And a large, stretchy spandex area for the butt. 

· Compression in the abs, legs and glutes. Butt lifter effect.

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