Luxury Towel Warmer Bucket, 40L

Luxury Towel Warmer Bucket, 40L

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towel warmer

Larger Capacity, Better Warmth

The capacity of this towel warmer is nearly double that of other styles. It can heat up ALL your bathrobes, towels, and clothes during the shower; even if you take a bath with your child, you can have two cozy bath towels at the same time! It can also warm your blanket, allowing you to snuggle under it during movie night or take a nap in the afternoon.


New Technology, Safe To Use

Unlike general towel warmers that rely on heating wires to heat, HORUSLY towel warmers use a more advanced hot air circulation system for heating. Opening the lid won't cause hot air to rise, and the inner surface is harmless to touch. Additionally, the heating will be more uniform. Give your family more peace of mind by taking luxury to a higher level.


Warm Regularly, Keep Hygiene

The towel heating bucket not only provides a luxurious experience but also sterilizes towels and clothes. Hot air kills most bacteria on towels and reduces skin diseases. Children and the elderly with low immunity can also have their clothes heated and disinfected before use, which is hygienic and comfortable. Put the plush toys in the bucket and warm them up if you don't want to spend a lot of time cleaning them. Your child will have a fluffy doll in no time.


Drops of Essential Oil, Get Scented for a Whole Day

There is a box on the lid of the towel warmer for aromatherapy tablets. Before heating, drop your favorite essential oil on the cotton sheet and put it in the box. A fragrant towel after a bath is the perfect way to forget all the stress of the day. Heat your clothes in the morning with two drops of essential oil, and put on soft, fragrant clothes, so you can face the day with courage.


Luxury Home Spa Piece, Bougie Girl's Favorite

The comfort of a warm towel is unbeatable! Gift your loved ones an incredible present for their birthday, housewarming, anniversary, wedding, bridal shower, or any other occasion.



  • Power supply: 120V AC, 60HZ
  • Plug: US standard
  • Weight:17.4 lbs
  • Dimensions: 13.4 x 13.4 x 20.5 inches
  • Capacity: 40L
  • Color: WHITE/BLACK
  • Timer Setting: 15/30/45 minutes 


towel warmer

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