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Hourglass Waistband

Hourglass Waistband

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Ironed mercerized elastic girdle. Includes 4 pressure velcros. Hand wash and shampoo.
Postoperative support, abdominal hernia support, nephroptosis, to promote good posture, improve circulation, retain heat and improve blood flow, for back support and protection of joints and muscles.

It Features:
• Comfortable material: This postpartum belly wrap was made from high quality stretchable, lightweight fabric, and avoid the belly band from rolling up when you seat or move, very comfortable to wear and easy to clean. The postpartum girdle is thicker and more convenient than the leading competitor.
• Breathable & flexibility: The breathable material will help you sweat without overheating your core. One piece postnatal belly wrap will give more flexibility to bending over to pick up the baby or nursing. Adjustable closure for easy wearing, and leading to more calories burned.
• Speeds up postpartum healing process: This c section recovery belt speeds up the post partum healing process by helping to ease the transition of the uterus and by shrinking it down to it¡¯s normal size. Support your lower back and hold tummy in, redefine the waistline, relief back pain.
• Adjust the size according to personal situation: There are another two closures for you to adjust loose or tight pressure. Stretchy enough to provide suitable compression. The postpartum belt helps shrink process and restore uterus to its original size. Postpartum recovery belt helps get your baggy skin back in place, flatten your stomach to normal after delivery.
• Increase mums' confidence: The postpartum belly wrap is a wonderful gift for women just after giving birth. It makes you more confident cause it gets your body shaper back and helps you to lose the mommy fat in a short time.The postpartum abdominal binder will make you feel more confident as your body shape begins to normalize.

Size Chart in CM
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 86~92 68~74 90~96
M 92~98 74~80 96~102
L 98~104 80~86 102~108
XL 104~110 86~92 108~114
XXL 110~116 92~98 114~120
3XL 116~122 98~104 120~126
Size Chart in Inches
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 33.5~35.9 25.7~28.1 35.1~37.4
M 35.9~38.2 28.1~30.4 37.4~39.8
L 38.2~40.6 30.4~32.8 39.8~42.1
XL 40.6~42.9 32.8~35.1 42.1~44.5
XXL 42.9~45.2 35.1~37.4 44.5~46.8
3XL 45.2~47.6 37.4~39.8 46.8~49.1
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