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Semi-open Wood Candle Warmer Lamp

Semi-open Wood Candle Warmer Lamp

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  • Fill The Room with an Irresistible Aroma - Say no to messy, ugly wax burners. Flameless Fragrance's electric wax warmer makes a great addition to any house, apartment, or dorm room. Simply heat your favorite candle without an open flame. 
  • Perfect for Aromatherapy and Air Freshening - Whether you are looking to encourage rest and relaxation, boost your mood or mask unpleasant odors, these candle warmers are an easy way to warm up melting wax for all your aromatherapy needs.
  • Modern Designs Elevate Your Home Decor - This electric candle warmer looks stunning anywhere - on the kitchen counter, your desk, or on the bathroom vanity. Well-crafted, modern style casings are a joy to look at, and the setup is so pretty it will be a natural part of your living room decor!
  • Fun and Easy to Use - This eye-catching candle melter is simple, user-friendly, and mess-free. Simply plug in your wax candle warmer and place your candle onto the candle space. 
  • A Thoughtful Housewarming Gift - Flameless fragrance warmer for candles is the perfect gift for new homeowners, newlyweds, college students, or anyone that loves using candles to fill their home with revitalizing aromas. Candles are not included.
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