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Sleek Modern Candle Warmer

Sleek Modern Candle Warmer

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  • Unique Design: This electric candle wax warmer lamp is designed to appear delicate with a touch of European style which is very modern and is suitable for different areas whether for office, masters bedroom, study room, living room, etc.
  • Excellent Candle Warmer Table Lamp: The candle wax warmer lamp features an adjustable temperature that caters to different fragrance concentrations and wax longevity. This feature gives you the freedom to adjust the warmer to your preferred or desired heat.
  • No Assembly Required: Simply put your favorite candle and let the lamp do its magics. It can melt the candle into a flat surface instead of melting into a hole like a flame. If you need better melting efficiency and fragrance diffusion, please pour out the melted wax in time.
  • Easy Operation: Being reliant on thermal energy to melt the wax, the product is smoke-free which is safe for indoor use. Its lightweight which made it easier for you to relocate wherever you want. Simply plug in the candle warmer lamp and enjoy.
  • Wide Application:The candle melting lamps are not only candle warmers, but also a dimmable bedside sleep light and a stylish home decor that is suitable for bedroom, living room and study; This fragrance warmer is also a romantic gift at all seasons.
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