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The Original Flameless Candle Warmer

The Original Flameless Candle Warmer

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  • Simple and Safe design- The stable wood base and metallic lampshade of our candle warmer maximize heat-gathering to better release the scent of your favorite candles. The heat melts the candle from top to bottom, eliminating any burning dangers and smoke. This makes it a much safer option for home use.

    Adjustable Brightness- With a dimmer knob and stronger bulbs, you have complete control over the brightness and strength of the lamp. A brighter lamp will burn the candle faster and release a stronger smell.

    Fits Most Candles- Our wide, open lampshade accommodates all sizes of candles, from small to large jars. It is perfect for Yankee candles, Bath and Body Work 3 Wick candles, and more.

    Great for any gift- This stylish and trendy candle melter makes a great gift for candle lovers, friends, and especially on housewarmings. It also adds a cozy touch to any bedroom, bathroom, or drawing room.

    Extras- Each package includes 1 candle melting lamp and 2 bulbs. We are committed to your satisfaction and offer a 24-hour customer service guarantee

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