Benefits of Using A Candle Warmer Lamp

Benefits of Using A Candle Warmer Lamp

Candle warmer lamps have become increasingly popular in recent years. It is widely thought of as a safer way to burn candles, and its performance is amazing. With these candle lamps, you can add both soft light and an aromatic scent to any room.

Candle warmers perform slightly different functions depending on the style of lamp. We will start with the basic advantages.

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1. No flame. Originally, the candle warmer was designed to reduce the risk of candle burning, which are responsible for an estimated 23,600 fires each year in residences, resulting in 1,525 civilian injuries, 165 fatalities, and $390 million in direct property losses.

It is unsafe for those with children or pets at home to light scented candles during busy times, for fear of being knocked over and causing fire. An open flame is always dangerous. Wax melting lamps use halogen bulbs to melt candles from top down, and there is no smoke or flame is generated during the melting process, making them safer and greener.

2. Make candles last longer. The candle warmer lamp melts the wax evenly on the surface. After several hours, you will have a pool of melted wax on the surface layer. As the candle fragrance fades, you can pull the melted wax from the top and continue to warm the next layer of wax. Rather than burning candles directly, candle warmer can control the melting rate, thereby extending their life.

3. Enhance aroma. A candle's melting rate is determined by the amount of heat it receives, which is influenced by the distance between the candle and the bulb, as well as by the bulb's wattage. Therefore, to enhance the aroma of your candle, you can choose higher wattage bulbs or keep the bulb closer to the candle surface.

4. Simple operation. In the first step, install the halogen bulb, making sure that there is no oil on your hand that may affect the operation of the bulb; then plug it in, place the candle on the lamp base below the warming bulb and turn on the switch; finally, adjust the brightness and height of the halogen bulb, so that you can enjoy the experience of both light and fragrance.

Other than the above basic advantages, some new launch wax melting lamps have additional functions.

1. Timer. This feature is especially popular for those who might be worried about forgetting to turn off the candle warmer and wasting energy. The timer function allows you to set the melting time to your convenience, so you can sleep peacefully while enjoying the fragrance at night.

2. Dimmer. The dimmer of candle warmers can be found in different place. Some are on the cable, some are on the lamp base. It allows you to adjust the intensity of the light, so that the candles melt at a different pace and have a different intensity of fragrance. You can turn the lighting up to the max to get the melting pool quickly, then turn down to a weaker lighting to release the aroma evenly.

3. Height adjustment. The height adjustment allows you to adjust the candle to match the size of the candle. Smaller or larger candles don't work best with fixed-height bulbs. By realizing the height adjustment function, the small candle can reach the light bulb as far as possible, and the large candle can also be perfectly compatible.

Overall, candle lamps are useful for a number of occasions. Candle warmer can enhance a peaceful experience when doing yoga, taking a bath, or reading a book. Furthermore, it can be used in stores and hotels for ambiance and fragrance, which makes customers feel welcomed. As a gift, it is suitable for weddings, Thanksgiving, Christmas, birthdays, etc. The candle warmer lamp will also be a great gift for a friend who is moving into a new house.

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