1. Are candle warmers better than burning candles?

Candle warmers offer a number of benefits. People with children, pets, or a forgetful mind will appreciate its flameless nature. Furthermore, candle warmers emit no soot and melt candles cleanly.

2. Is it battery-operated or does it plug into an outlet?

Horusly candle warmer lamps come with a 50-inch power cord and are 110V plug-in lamps.

3. Can they be used with a Yankee large jar candle?

Yes, even the heart-shaped lamp without height adjustment can be used with large Yankee candles and BATH AND BODY 3 wick candles. With a height-adjusted candle warmer lamp, you can use it with small jar candles as well without having to be concerned about the distance between the lightbulb and candle surface.

4. Does it have a timer or auto-turn-off feature?

The two models with acrylic lampshades are equipped with timers. Please check before purchase.

5. Can it be used to keep hot drinks warm as well?

When turned to the highest brightness, it can keep your drinks warm, but it is not efficient, so we do not recommend it to be used as a drink warmer.

6. Does it come with candles?

Candles are not included in the package, only the lamp and two light bulbs.

7. What kind of light bulb does the lamp use?

Horusly candle warmer lamps use a 50W halogen bulb. The package comes with two bulbs to replace.

8. Would it heat from the bottom like a candle warmer plate?

No, our candle warmer lamps are top-down warming, and they cannot heat the candles from the bottom.

9. What should one do if melted candles don't produce scent anymore?

Pour the melted unscented was and continue to melt the scented part.

10. How do candle warmer lamps work?

With a candle warmer lamp, you simply have to install the bulb, plug it in, and place your favorite jar candle under the lampshade.

Turn it on, and adjust the light brightness. After a few minutes, you can enjoy the fragrance in your room.