In 2022, the Horus Company was founded, based in California, US. We are a young team passionate about offering sleek candle warmer lamps for candle enthusiasts.

It is not our goal to take the name of innovation for candle warmers. However, we have done extensive research on mainstream scented candles and come up with a series that can fit most of them.

Yankee's large jar candles, as well as BBW and GC's 3-wick candles, will fit comfortably in the lamp base. Additionally, a lamp pole that can be adjusted in height is designed to prevent awkward heights caused by candles of different sizes.

In the past half year, we have received a lot of praise for our warmer lamps. We are extremely pleased that our products are loved by so many, and we will use this happiness as a motivation to keep improving them.

Thank you for your trust and support.