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The Best Towel Warmer in 2022


towel warmer


What is a towel warmer bucket? Just throw a towel in, and 10 minutes later you'll have a warm, fluffy towel. It is often regarded as a luxury item with little practical use, but we are going to change this perception.

The towel warmer of HORUSLY is a revolutionary model that just launched. We consider it to be the most outstanding towel warmer this year since it adds many novel designs, more usage scenarios, and more practicality to luxury.

Different Heating Techniques

In most electric towel buckets, the temperature is maintained by a heating wire built into the canister wall. The canister wall is made of metal and may rust and get hot. HORUSLY towel warmers use air duct heating, which circulates hot air to heat towels in the bucket evenly and thoroughly.

The inner wall is made of high-temperature-resistant plastic material, which is more secure to touch and more convenient to clean. Heating clothes or blankets with zippers or buttons are not a problem. You will feel some heat when you touch the zippers right after taking your clothes out of the bucket, but it won't be intense and will cool down quickly. 


towel warmer

Ultra Large Size

A towel heating bucket that can be used only for 15 minutes a day isn't what we want. Our goal is to make it useful in multiple scenarios, so we increased its capacity. A freestanding towel heating bucket is usually only 20 liters, but we now have a capacity of 40 liters, allowing us to fit winter bathrobes, blankets for naps, dolls, and more.

Let's imagine:

Heat clothes in the morning and get your kids toasty uniforms upon waking.

Warm up a blanket before watching a movie at night with your loved ones.

Start it up before taking your dogs to play in the snow during winter, they would love coming in to a warm towel.

It also allows you to heat bath towels and pajamas simultaneously. Once you get out of the shower and wipe your body with warm towels, you can put on cozy pajamas to maximize your comfort.

Explore more situations with HORUSLY.


towel warmer

Safe & Thoughtful Design

Our towel bucket is equipped with a 2-hour auto-off, dumping reminder, and high-temperature power-off protection system, giving families peace of mind.

It has 4 anti-scalding coated hooks, which makes it convenient for hanging small clothes; in addition, it has a handle on the barrel for easy transportation, so it can be moved anywhere. If you think it takes up too much space, cover it with a cloth so you can use it as a stool!


towel warmer

Best Gift For Your Loved Ones

Give this towel bucket to your friend as a Christmas gift if you think he or she has everything. The gift will also be a hit with your wife since it will make her care for your whole family easier. And, of course, your parents, who will feel comfortable having such an appliance in their home to keep them warm. This Christmas, HORUSLY deserves your trust.


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