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Classic Candle Warmer Lamp Black

Classic Candle Warmer Lamp Black

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HORUSLY Candle Lamp Top-down Warmer

Simple design, traditional black/white lamp with a matte finish, top-down wax warming, includes two GU10 warming bulbs. A safer way to burn candles, preventing accidents caused by open flames. This candle lamp is a perfect partner for your Bath & Body Works candles. It melts your scented candles without flame or soot. Simply place your jar candle on the base, turn the lamp on, and you can enjoy your favorite fragrance.  


Model Classic Metal
Color Black
Height 9.94-12.5''
Voltage 110V
Light Source 50W GU10
US Plug


1 Candle Warmer Lamp
2 GU10 Bulbs
1 Instruction

( Candle is not included )


candle warmer lamp



1. What is the difference between candle warmer lamps and burning candles in terms of scent?

In contrast to direct burning candles, candle warmer lamps allow you to adjust the brightness of the light to change melting speed, thereby altering the intensity of the scent emitted by the melting wax. Even the strongest concentration isn't inferior to burning candles.

2. Is a jar candle required with a candle warmer lamp?

Candle warmer lamps only work with jar candles. Wax chips and tarts need to be containerized before being warmed by the lamp.

3. Which sizes of jar candles are compatible with candle warmer lamps?

Our candle warmer lamps fit most candle sizes, including Yankee's 3-wick candles, small jars, medium jars, and large jars; Bath & Body Works' 3-Wick candles, etc.

4. Can candle warmer lamps crack jars of candles?

No, they won't. Our candle lamps are FCC approved and will only melt the candle, not the jar. Make sure to use high-quality jar candles from a well-known brand.

5. Can I purchase bulbs for replacement?

There are two replaceable bulbs in our package. To order more bulbs, please specify the type and model: halogen bulb of GU10.

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