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Corrector Vest Back And Waist

Corrector Vest Back And Waist

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The Waist Shaper Vest combines the benefits of a shaper and a corset. It is designed with an adjustable undershirt that provides all-around support and shaping. The material of the undershirt is breathable and comfortable for daily activities, while being able to shape the waist perfectly.

The features of our waist shaping undershirt are as follows:

ADJUSTABILITY: The undershirt is designed to adjust to your needs to ensure comfort and fit. You can adjust the tightness of the undershirt according to your body shape and preference to get the best result.

COMFORTABILITY: The undershirt is made of breathable and comfortable material that makes you feel fresh and comfortable during wearing. Whether you are doing daily activities or exercising, the undershirt provides ideal comfort and freedom.

SHAPING EFFECT: The waist shaping tank top effectively shapes the curves by tightly wrapping around the waist and tummy, making the waistline more prominent. It helps to reduce the fat accumulated around the waist, making your waist firmer and tighter.

UNIQUE DESIGN: Our waist shaping tank top is designed to be fashionable and practical, which can easily match your outfit. Whether for special occasions or daily life, it can create a perfect waist curve for you and show your confidence and charm.

Choose our waist shaping tank top to make your waist curve more perfect and exude confidence and charm.

Size Chart in CM
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 86~92 68~74 90~96
M 92~98 74~80 96~102
L 98~104 80~86 102~108
XL 104~110 86~92 108~114
XXL 110~116 92~98 114~120
3XL 116~122 98~104 120~126
Size Chart in Inches
Size Bust Waist Hip
S 33.5~35.9 25.7~28.1 35.1~37.4
M 35.9~38.2 28.1~30.4 37.4~39.8
L 38.2~40.6 30.4~32.8 39.8~42.1
XL 40.6~42.9 32.8~35.1 42.1~44.5
XXL 42.9~45.2 35.1~37.4 44.5~46.8
3XL 45.2~47.6 37.4~39.8 46.8~49.1
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