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Plodon™-SpaceChef® Baby Food Processor

Plodon™-SpaceChef® Baby Food Processor

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  • High-Speed Motor With a staggering 32,000 rotations per minute, StarChef delivers unmatched performance, making meal reparation a breeze.
  • Eight-Blade Design Say goodbye to lumps and chunks! Our innovative eight-blade system ensures smooth and consistent purees, perfect for your baby's delicate palate.
  • Quick and Efficient In just 8 seconds, StarChef turns even the toughest ingredients into fine purees, saving you valuable time in the kitchen.
  • Enhanced Digestibility By breaking down ingredients into ultra-fine textures, StarChef promotes easier digestion for your little one, keeping them happy and healthy

**Plodon Products Details 

Patented AeroFlow Column

Achieve silky smooth purees with no residue, thanks to its unique design allowing for efficient blending at a 15° tilt angle.

Powerful 32,000 RPM Motor

Comparable to high-end blenders, effortlessly cuts through ingredients for perfect consistency. Antimicrobial Stainless Steel Blades: Elevate blending precision with Grade 316 stainless steel blades, ensuring a finer texture.

Upgraded Shockproof Cup Sleeve

Durable design withstands falls, doubling as both a blender cup and baby food bowl.

Dual Splash Guard Protection

Enhanced lid design prevents splatter, keeping the blade clean for easy maintenance.

Intuitive One-Touch Operation

Press to start, release to stop—maintain control and prevent fatigue for optimal blending. Two-Cup Configuration: Separate cups for raw and cooked ingredients ensure hygiene and convenience.

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