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Plodon™ SpaceGo® Baby Food WarmBot

Plodon™ SpaceGo® Baby Food WarmBot

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Introducing our groundbreaking innovation the Plodon™ SpaceGo® Baby Food WarmBot, an industry-first in rapid heating technology with HI superconductivity, featuring a sleek all-glass interior. Say goodbye to the hassle of preparing formula on-the-go for your little explorer!

Revolutionary Development

Prepare to be amazed by our latest creation! Our HI superconductivity technology heats up in record time, setting a new standard in convenience. Plus, it's the first of its kind with a portable all-glass construction. IH Superconductivity: Be the first to experience the magic of IH superconductivity! Witness as the energy is absorbed entirely by the water, doubling the heating speed for instant formula preparation.

All-Glass Interior

We've pioneered the use of an all-glass interior, ensuring no water residue or unpleasant odors. Your baby deserves the best, and that's exactly what we deliver.

5-Level Temperature Control

With 5 adjustable temperature settings, our thermos maintains precise control, allowing you to prepare various types of formula with ease. Direct heating for immediate results—it's a game-changer

21700 Special Battery

Powered by a 9000mAh 21700 special battery, enjoy the convenience of preparing formula up to 12 times on a single charge. Adventure awaits without the worry of power depletion

Compact Portability

Sized just like a standard mineral water bottle, our thermos holds a generous 300ml—enough to see your little one through the day. Adventure-ready and parent-approved!

Baby-Safe Materials

Crafted from premium materials, our thermos is designed with the safety of your baby in mind. Rest assured, every sip is as safe as can be

High-Speed Charging

Equipped with a high-speed charging head, our thermos reaches full capacity in just 2.5 hours, alleviating any concerns about battery anxiety. Fast, efficient, and ready for action

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